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White Horse Technical Services
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Current Production Status

1 Lot of High quality Hydrogen in Titanium RM pins

is ready to ship.

See details in status report below.

Parts for LECO Determinators
White Horse Technical Services has begun producing Hydrogen in Titanium standards. The technology used to produce the material is an improved implementation of the process NIST used to produce the SRM 2452, 2453 and 2454 candidate materials. Our proprietary 16 step process has proven itself capable of producing a stable reference material with a homogeneity level measuring 1% RSD.
The first batch, consisting of Titanium 6AL4V alloy in 0.1g pin form, has not been officially characterized yet. Preliminary test results show its certifiable concentration to be in the range of 127 to 130 ppm, with a 95% uncertainty level less than 3 ppm.
5kg of this production lot, approximately 500 bottles, were accepted by NIST and scheduled to be characterized in the July-August timeframe, to be designated SRM2453a, replacing SRM2453 which has been depleted for some time. The remainder of this material will be certified and placed on the market as soon as possible.
The process we used to manufacture the candidate material allows any target level of concentration to be produced ranging from 15 to 300ppm. While extensions outside this range are considered possible, experimentation has not yet been completed for confirmation.
We spent 2˝ years experimenting and refining our manufacturing process before releasing this lot of material and are assured that future lots with similar homogeneity will not be a problem.
The production line is anticipated to be running by the end of summer, with a capacity of over 1,000 bottles per month or more by the end of the year depending on market demand. The target concentrations for the next two lots are anticipated to be 80 and 160ppm.
LECO, who now has Guide 34 accreditation, has received a sample of this material for evaluation. It is unknown yet if they have any interest in being the certifying agent and retail distributor. Unless a contractual agreement is struck with LECO very soon, White Horse Technical Services plans to complete its pending Guide 34 accreditation process, and become the retailer of this material as soon as possible.
White Horse Technical Services is dedicated to the service of this industry, to meet all needs within its capabilities. All parties interested in this material are encouraged to let us know your desired concentration ranges and quantity needed, so we can make our production plans firm.

White Horse Technical Services, Temple City, CA
(626) 840-9004

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